Word of advice from Dean Ween. A video where Dean Ween, from the weirdest ever experimental rock, neo-psychedelia band Ween , gives some advice for his fan Deana on how to overcome the not so joyful states of mind that usually lead us to feeling depressed. I like this video because it’s short and has some substance to it, also because it’s not some cushioned new-age inspirational bs but just an genuine attempt of comfort. Dean Ween doesn’t say much but he says enough to make me feel better when I’m down, or at least make me feel grateful for not having Lyme disease.

Sleepcore: Remember the Future? One of many retro-futuristic videos from the very cool channel picsandportraits . All videos are brilliant montages of older visual content, taken mostly out of the depths of archive.org. The person behind this channel really does a good job researching the material and putting it together, the final product is quite eye pleasing and perfect for getting ready to sleep. I highly recommend checking out this channel for all nostalgic insomniacs out there.

Cyberpunk documentary (1990) Marianne Trench’s trippy documentary about the cyberpunk movement and culture, contains talks with William Gibbson, the author of the Necromancer and Timothy Leary, the psychologist who believed in psychedelics being useful in clinical therapy. The graphics in this movie are so exuberant I could watch the movie muted and still enjoy it.

Cooking with Christopher Walken. This is the video my brother and I rewatch everytime we see each other and laugh while fries are coming out of our mouths. The guy does the best impression of Walken I ever saw anyone doing and the writing is so funny even without the act.

Making music with oscilloscope. I saw these guys perform live once and I was amazed. They made a software that turns information from an oscilloscope into a tool that can be used in a way that it makes music with drawings!

Werner Herzog talking about nature My favorite docu director at his best nihilist monologue.

Quentin Tarantino arguing with annoying host. Old video, still one of my favorites.

AlphaGo documentary. A pretty good take on Deepmind’s AI that managed to win at go games versus the worlds go champion, kinda emotional.