here we have some randomly arranged links to websites I find quite interesting

better open it in new tab hehe

Damage is where I go for good longform articles

Cybernetic culture research unit

Electric sheep - free fractal gifs

Erenow - free history books

visualise value - mostly abstract notions or random words visualised in very simple forms

this guy explaining basic physics and stuff in a pleasing way

two people living on a sailboat, there is so much good content here

also these same two people providing recipes and thoughts on food and cooking while living on a sailboat

compelling science fiction

Present and correct is a webshop selling paper and office objects, both new and vintage, inspired by your distant childhood memories

five hundred and seven different mechanical movements shown in images and gifs

Paloma Kop makes cool instalations and videos

more cool digital art

yesterweb community

here you can find info on chemical structure and ways of use of many plants

this is a site where people win prizes at a contest for writing the worst ever opening sentences for novels, its great

philospohy bro is basicaly your friend who has a phd in philosophy telling you about Platos cave over a beer

productivity blocker is an chrome extension that blocks those apps on your phone that make you think you need to be productive today or any day and i love it

last things I looked up on wiki

asemic writing
horror vacui
limbic resonance
commonplace book
mycorrhizal network

simple and free online tools for visual stuff

electric zine maker
3D gif maker
glitter text maker
3D images maker
Photopea - image editor
Photomosh - image and gif glitching