The shortness of my attention span is killing me. Its becoming more difficult to tell if I dont have enough patience/focus/interest to actually GO THRU some text or whatever untill THE END or if the thing I’m forcing myself to go thru is just simply boring and so not worth it. I mean what the fuck am I supposed to do.

I made an extremely short comic about one thing that really matters to me in my life - lacing shoes tightly. I hate it when my shoes are loose, I feel clumsy, ungrounded, I feel less alive. When I tighten my shoes life becomes 70% better. You can see it here .

There is this crazy type of fungus living in Amazonian rainforests, called the zombie-ant fungus, when the ant comes in contact with the fungus the fungus infects it, starts growing inside the ant, starts draining nutrients from the ants body and finally it literally hijacks its mind, like it goes into ants brain and starts ordering the ant what to do. In a few days the fungus compels the ant to leave the ground and to climb a plant stem, then when the ant is climbing the plant and gets exactly 25cm high off the ground, the fungi stops it because that hight provides the right amount of heat and humidity for the fungus to grow. Theres more, then the fungus forces the ant to bite a leaf and to permanently lock its mandibles around that leaf, so the ant get stuck up there and dies. The fungus however continues to grow, even throught the ants body, it literally grows thru the zombified ant. This fungus is nuts af.

Sometimes I wanna live in a big cyberpunikish city selling 3d printed hotdogs in a food truck on rainy days at the dirty main square and sometimes I wanna live in one of those dysfunctional hippy farms where everybody is planting broccoli and at the end of the day we gather around the fire and boil the broccoli and we go to sleep in a room where theres no electricity.

The face is what prohibits us from killing, Emmanuel Levinas said this and I can see it being relatable to the way we act on the internet vs the way we act in real life. I mean even tho online communication is quite convincing in making us believe we are directly speaking to eachother, still the internet only simulates the experience of being around people, the people we talk to online are not actually here in front of us. And thats why I think it is much easier to get angry at someone and express the anger on the internet, because the person is not actually in front of us, there is no “face” that stops us from “killing them”. The thing is, what if this effect doesnt vanish once we look away from the screen? What if we get so used to the face being absent during online communication that we cannot recognize it anymore when it stands right in front of us in real life?

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