I listen to the radio a lot. There is this small independent community radio in my town, a small group of friends runs it on a volunteering basis, they stream all the time. When I listen to the radio I feel like the person playing that song that I’m hearing is like letting me know something about himself, its like when your friend is showing you that new song he found and he’s all excited and happy to show it to you because its a total banger. Its intimate, I mean a real flesh and blood person in showing you something they love. It’s not just a freakin algorithm on spotify or youtube creating you a playlist based od soulless maths, its a person, a person who likes this one song because it makes him feel some emotion and he’s introducing this song to you so you can be able to feel something too. Its like he’s saying to you "this is how it feels to me, does it feel like this to you too?

I was never started and
I can never be stopped.

Whats the point of AI learning something if it cannot get excited about the knowledge it managed to accumulate? Whats the point of AI creating art if it cannot enjoy the feeling of satisfaction once its done? Whats the point of AI talking to me if we cannot make out later or go buy some spray and draw on the walls? It is just a tool, just a tool.

The map is not the territory. The world in its reality unspoiled by our observation is the territory and the way we perceive it, the way we frame it in our heads in order to understand it is the map. The map is not the territory, it is only a representation of it, a reductive representation. In my head tho the map is not reductive, the elements of the territoy are not reduced, they are fuckin amplified, way too amplified.

Too often I think about that old Contrapoint's video when she says Do I feel like a boy? Do I feel like a girl? To tell the truth most of the time I feel like shit.

I hate social media because it makes me feel like I need to express myself, like it forces me to take some part of myself and present it outwards for the public, weather its my opinion or my art or whatever. Its like if I dont put myself out there I dont even exist, if I have nothing to say what am I, just an observer, a follower? I like this tiny site of mine here because I dont feel the pressure to express shit, I feel like nobody is watching me here, I feel like nobody sees me so I can do whatever I want.