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Today we celebrate 12 years of me loving this.

The form must follow the function. To follow it meaning literally just going after it, trying to reach it but never reaching it because reaching it would mean that the thing itself is done, that it cannot be improved anymore because it already is perfect, it reached its maximum. Being perfect means there is no need for further progress and being perfect is also not possible. So this whole ride is jus a forever changing process in which the evolving form can only hope to ever catch up to that elusive goal of perfect obedience to the function. Imperfection is the basis of progress.

Cross functionalism is when the form serves to one function but goes against the other function of the same element (eg. deer's horns are good for fighting but not so good when the deer needs to run fast, not good at all).
Trans functionalism is when the form unites two opposing forces that would be destructive for the function if they were not united, by being united those forces can now coexist (eg. traffic lights regulate the opposing forces coming from different roads so in that way it balances the traffic providing everyone in it to function properly).

In her diary, Anais Nin writes "if my lover is irritating I will think what a beautiful alibi he gives me for going on a journey". What a cool way of seeing an utterly annoying situation not as an important problem that needs to be resolved or as something she needs to stick with because it's her goddamn lover she's talking about, but as a great excuse to just get the hell out of this situation. She's like boy you being annoying as fuck I'm just gonna go bye.

im totally forcing this sentence just to fill up this empty space right here thats it

I wanna write a story about a dog who can see all the stuff that nobody else can see but he cannot see the stuff that everyone else can see. So he's bumping into stuff all the time, bumping into the fridge, falling off the stairs, he's totally nuts.


call your friends now ask them how are they tell em something nice they might be sad you know

Honestly most of my problems are just consequences of simple dehydration.