The new yesterweb zine is out! I What I like the most in this edition is this article about how culture inevitably defines us, trims us into a specific shape. The author says that even tho the outside world tends to fit us into boxes, we still never fit perfectly inside, we somehow spill out the sides od the box a bit. For some reason I find this paragraph about spilling out of the box touching and beautiful. Its like yeah I can be in the box but you cant put a roof over me there, I’m peaking, I’m spilling out. I made a little drawing of the spilling.


singularity for babies

Losing is not the same as being lost. Losing things is about the familiar falling away and getting lost is about the unfamiliar approaching. Each of these has the potential to cause either anxiety or excitement, or a mixture of both. There are situations where these two aspects of loss are happening simultaneously, when I’m losing and getting lost at the same time and traveling by train is probably my favorite among those situations. Trains are slow so I really have the time to notice how the landscape I was familiar with is gradually being left behind me while the new landscape, the yet unknown one, is appearing. Is this what liminality is?

I have a feeling that the goal is not about reaching a point that indicates the end of heavy shit, it is not about that. The goal is instead to create a stable structure that can endure the infinity of the heavy shit. The goal is not the heavy shit disappearing, because shit will be here and will be heavy, but it is managing to expand my capacity to hold the heavy shit, because if If my capacity is wider the shit will feel lighter even tho its still heavy. Holding heavy shit not as in surviving it, but as in living beside it, as in overliving it. Its almost like learning, learning is also not about reaching a final point, a final cognition, its about expanding the capacity to understand over and over again. God I need to stop reading Emil Cioran.

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use the phrase sunlit world instead of real world for over a week now.

Are you not into me or just being stupid? Can we avoid unpacking my burden on your doorstep? Can I hoard glitter as a job? Can it go away, but not go into nothing? Can I see you have it if you dont know you do?

a captive of my own moods


yes but when?

potential DJ names for when I become a DJ:
DJ Tropical Goth
DJ Minimal Effort
DJ Synthetic Socks
DJ Green Piss
DJ Lazzy Bee
DJ Stolen Zippo
DJ Slow Cheetah
DJ Feet Deluxe
DJ Lose My Number